Tips On What To Wear To A Fashion Show

Wondering what to wear? Here are a few tips.

1. Celebrate New Trends

Consider what’s trending. Are there any particular trends you love? Wear them.


2) Play with colours

Bright colours always put spice to occasions but when all else fails, wear black could be an option. Black will always be in style.


3) Choose breathable fabrics

Choose particularly breathable fabrics, like cotton. Cotton is durable and versatile.


4) Comfort is Key

Wear something chic that allows for mobility. Wear something you can breathe in. Mind the weather. Choose your shoes wisely considering How much walking/running/standing/carrying will you be doing? Even though we all want the two extra two inches that come with a pair of stilettos, wear some comfortable shoes.


5) Ladies, a clutch would do the trick

A clutch or small cross body bag is most ideal to complement your look.

Remember, classy is the new fashionable.

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